Pawel's Photo Gallery

My photo gallery.

in lab

my bench

in front of my bench

during lecture

in lab

in front of my poster

with Ian Wilmut, who clone Dolly

in Göttingen

Bio-Center, Nice, France

University in Nice, France

with Asclepius-god of medicine

with DNA in CSHL, New York

on boat to Spetses, Greece

St.George in Zagreb, Croatia

during lecture

Dinner,Magdalen College,Oxford

University of Oxford, UK

IMPRS 2005 Class

Bio-center, Nice, France

UPR dinner, CSHL, NY

Ireland, Coork National Park


Trip in Alps


MaxPlanck Inst Castle Ringberg

MaxPlanck Inst Castle Ringberg

MaxPlanck Inst Castle Ringberg


Dr. Schier, Dr. Hay, Dr. Ingham

Spetses, Greece

Goldman Sachs Mr.Goodman

Minister of State Mrs.Labuda

Major and Dep. of Kolbuszowa

Prime Minister Mr. Mazowiecki

with Dr. James Watson

Mrs. Watson, at their home

Parliament Chair Mr.Borowski

Chair of Polish Children Found

during speach in Parliament

Polish President Mr. Kaczynski

Polish President Mr. Kaczynski

Major of Warsaw Mr.Kozak

Princess Anna Czartoryska

Prime Minister Mr.Bielecki

Chancellor of Warsaw University

Dutch Dep.Min.of Foreign Affairs

Dr.Timmermans Lab, CSHL

British Council Scholoars

PolishPresident Mr.Kwasniewski

PolishPresident Mr.Kwasniewski

First Lady Mrs. Kwasniewski

Goldman Sachs Fundation

my logo - initials PKM

My Brother and his Wife Edyta

my Father in living room

with my Brother and wild boar

my Father in Kitchen

my Brother in front of his house

my Brother - Krzysztof

My Dad, Mom, Brother with Wife