Welcome to Pawel's Home Page !

Hi, my name is Pawel K. Mazur and I am a PhD in Molecular Biology. I am working in prof. Roland M Schmid and Dr. Jens Siveke's Lab at the University Hospital of Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Next year I will start my research in Dr. Julien Sage's Lab at Stanford University. Dr. Sage's Lab is studing function and mechanisms that the retinoblastioma protein play in tumorignesis and stem cell maintnace.

My PhD thesis deals with Notch signaling in development and tumorigenesis. My research is focused on biology of pancreatic cancer as well as pancreas and liver development. In my side project I investigated the so far unrecognized expression of the Pdx1 transcription factor in the epidermis and the role of Notch receptors in skin cancerogenesis. My work contributed so far to 4 papers and I am author of 2 first-author papers currently in revision.

I hold an MSc and a Bachelor (both Summa cum laude) of molecular biology from Warsaw University – the leading university in Poland. I was honored by several institutions for my scientific and educational achievements e.g. Minister of Education Stipend, Prime Minister Award. I received the Global Leaders Award from the Goldman Sachs Foundation and institute of International Education. I was honored the title of The Best Student revived from the late president Kaczynski in 2003 and award for The Best High School Student from president Kwasniewski in 1999.

Please find on this web site the most recent CV and information about my publication, research experience and achievements Please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience (email).

I am always interested to receive feedback from people who visit my webpage, regardless of the subject, so please send me an email if you wish to this address.